Custom Fixtures

Bank Design and Equipment Custom Fixtures

BD&E’s Custom Case Workshop is well known for its superior teller counters.

Our teller counters are also designed to integrate perfectly with your security systems. Our Design-Build team are experts in Security by Design, which enhances the safety of customers and employees without sacrificing aesthetics.

The Custom Case Workshop is BD&E’s mill working division. Craftsmen create outstanding American designs for teller counters, fixtures and furniture.

With them, excellence is assured. BD&E is the only financial operations company that offers the design efficiency of a dedicated team of woodworking experts.

Artistic vision is rooted in making the practical beautiful and making the beautiful useful in both its form and spirit.

Excellence in design sets a tone that helps your customers embrace your financial institution as a partner they can trust.

Customers expect design excellence the minute they walk in your doors. Is it time to upgrade your lobbies and teller counters?